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Sustainable design for public interior areas

Configurably winding, seamless seating and acoustic lighting from Green Furniture can be found in places like Gothenburg Airport, the Strand Galleria (Melbourne) and Stockholm Central Station.



Nova C Series

The configurably winding Nova C allows grand seating in scale with grand indoor spaces. The bench shapes a seamless seating line for natural flow control, while the body-conscious contours ensure comfort. The small footprint makes efficient use of the space. And the configurability also goes into colors and accessories - every project can be unique.



Leaf Lamp Series

A soft and natural ambiance shaper both visually and acoustically. Foliage of wool felt that absorbs sound (A-class) and radically improves the speech perception in a room. Grand light trees in scale with grand interiors as well as pendants and standing lamps.



Radius Series

The Radius Series solid metal planters and recycle bins are designed with the Green Furniture Concept seating series Nova C and IOU in mind, but also work very well as stand-alone products.




Green Furniture Concept was born out of a deep desire to be a leader in sustainable furniture design and production. Sustainability guides our development and is part of our soul as a company. As such, we commit to integrating environmental sustainability into our business processes and continuously improve our environmental work.

Design and production

We aim to be ecologically sound in all aspects: in our everyday mission and through our products. This means that we strive to keep our products integrated in the natural cycle or in a technical cycle free of waste. We use the Nordic Ecolabel as a base standard for our product development. We exceed those standards by, for example, using natural hard wax oil instead of varnish and upcycled instead of virgin materials.

Our philosophy is that eco-friendliness should also make better furniture in terms of function and aesthetics. Hard wax oil is not only equally resistant to varnish, it imbues the wood surface with an utterly different feel and scratches can be easily touched up, just like shoe polish, to keep your furniture always-like-new. Upcycled wooden planks not only provide good solid wood, they carry a story of origins and the wise use of resources while adding life and uniqueness to the design. Some may call it smart. We think it is only natural.

Active choices to make a change

Many of the changes that can make a product more sustainable is in the active choises. Even though we use the requirements of the Nordic ecolabel as a bottom line we always strive to make choices that further reduce the impact on the environment, the human health and the wildlife.